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Standard of High Efficiency Furnace - which is best?

80% Efficiency vs. 95% Efficiency Furnaces.

Worth the Upgrade Cost? When it comes time to replace your home’s furnace, you have essentially two options when it comes to efficiency – “standard” or 80% efficiency and “high efficiency” or 95% or more. The energy savings sounds tempting, but is replacing your standard furnace with a high-efficiency unit the best choice? We’ll explain …

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Why does my furnace filter get dirty so quickly

What Causes Your Furnace Filter to Get Dirty So Quickly?

If you’re a responsible homeowner, you probably know you’re supposed to replace your furnace filters on a routine basis. We recommend checking them monthly, and replacing every two months. But what happens if you check your HVAC filter at its regularly schedule interval, only to discover that it’s completely covered in hair, dust and other …

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Routine maintenance checklist for gas fired furnaces

Central Heating System Quick Maintenance Checklist

As a responsible motorist, you probably wouldn’t leave for a long road trip without checking your car’s mechanical health and ability to make the trip. Items like engine oil level, coolant level, tire pressure and even wiper blades are important to handle a long drive. The same rule applies to your home—you don’t want to …

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R-22 Freon ban coming Jan 1, 2020

R-22 Complete Phase Out is Coming January 1, 2020

Known by the brand name of Freon (belonging to the chemical company DuPont), R-22 is a refrigerant that combines hydrogen, fluorine, chlorine and carbon (also known as a hydro chlorofluorocarbon or HCFC). It quickly became a standard used in the HVAC industry in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Refrigerants are unique liquids, that when compressed, …

R-22 Complete Phase Out is Coming January 1, 2020 Read More »

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