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Money Savers

Keeping your home comfortable can be a big expense. Here are some tips to help! Listed below are some tips and suggestions you can use to save money on your utility bills, heating, and air conditioning equipment, and service for Columbus, Newark, Dublin, Westerville, Grove City, Reynoldsburg, and Zanesville. For other answers to your questions …

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Home Heating Tips to Maximize the Life of Your Furnace

A new furnace can cost a lot of money, and it may also entail additional costs upon installation. But the thing is, you can actually maximize your money and extend the lifespan of your furnace if you learn how to properly maintain it. Generally, furnaces last up to fifteen years. However, if you make sure that your furnace is properly maintained, then it can last for up to as long as twenty years in average. Are you curious about how you achieve this?

Why you should routinely change furnace filters

Why You Should Routinely Change Home Air Filters

Air filters are an important part of an HVAC system. However, they are often under-appreciated. They provide protection against larger objects, such as loose insulation. Air filters also screen out dust that can circulate through your home which lowers indoor air quality. Not changing your air filters frequently can cause clogging and earlier system failure …

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5 Reasons to Get an AC Inspection

An A/C inspection does not just result in a longer-lasting air conditioning unit. Getting your air conditioning inspected can also improve energy efficiency, which can save money on your utility bills. By contrast, getting your air conditioner replaced will cost more and getting a regular A/C inspection can find and address problems that often go …

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Is Your Home HVAC System Wasting Energy?

Having central heating and air conditioning has made our lives better; however, you should be careful and regularly check it, because, despite the reliable flow of temperature controlled air, you might be suffering from an overworked heating and cooling system. You should avoid making mistakes with your HVAC system such as neglecting maintenance, vent blockage, …

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Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Problems To Be Aware of This Winter

At Dor-Mar Heating and Air Conditioning we understand a furnace becomes the most important appliance in a household during an Ohio winter. With sub zero temperatures, a furnace is essential in maintaining warmth for the home. And as useful as they may be, heaters also encounter various issues during the cold season. In order to enjoy …

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Dor-Mar HVAC Experts

Is Your Heat Pump Operating at Max Effectiveness

In order to enjoy the comfort of a warm house, it is essential to ensure that your heat pump operates at optimum efficiency. Thus, it is always prudent to regularly check your heat pump and ensure that everything is running smoothly, as well as utilizing a trusted furnace repair service to conduct regular maintenance and …

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Dor-Mar Team

Top Reasons to Have Scheduled Maintenance for Your HVAC System

HVAC systems are essential to the comfort of interior spaces, whether industrial, commercial or residential. They provide a solution to extreme weather conditions such as cold weather during winter and scorching heat during summer by facilitating the regulations of indoor temperature. Due to the nature of their function, and constant use, it is essential to …

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Climate Hero

Dor-Mar strives daily to be Columbus, Newark, Zanesvilles Climate Heros. We still offer same day service on any furnace or ac that is broken. We also offer free home evaluations on purchasing new equipment in all areas including Columbus Ohio. So if you need Cooling service or repair call us today. Print this post for …

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