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Things to do in Columbus Ohio

Columbus is the capital of Ohio and is the largest city in the state by population. The city sprung up around the area where the Scioto and Olentangy rivers merge in the early 1800s and became state capital in 1816.

Columbus is famous for a few remarkable institutions. The most well known are the NetJets, which is the largest fleet of jet planes under mixed ownership. The Ohio State University occupies a large chunk of real estate just north of downtown Columbus, is one of the largest universities in the United States with a student population over 50,000, and is one of the most iconic NCAA football programs. The city is also home to Battelle Memorial Institute, a private research and development institute whose engineers have had a hand in many scientific breakthroughs and commercial developments. Columbus also has the largest chemical information agency, the Chemical Abstracts Service.

Columbus is a thriving commercial city as well and is home to a variety of industries like steel, energy, hospitality, technology, defense, and banking. Several US-wide food chains are also headquartered in Columbus. Wendy’s International, Donatos Pizza, Bob Evans, Red Roof Inn, and White Castle got their start based in the city.

Such a dynamic and bustling city has a lot to offer in terms of careers and education. The city has a bustling energy and is an enjoyable experience for people visiting for the first time. Since the city is based near two rivers, there is a lot of natural and scenic places to visit, many managed by the well-known Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks.

There is the Scioto Mile, which offers a line of parks placed on both banks of the Scioto River. There are a number of interactive fountains and scenic trails on which several sunny days or relaxing evenings can be spent taking in the beauty of nature. There is also the 120-acre Scioto Audubon where birdwatchers can watch the incredible aviary collection. There is also the German Village area, which has restored 1800s houses that were built by the settlers that originally came to the city. Tourists can spend an evening drinking beer and eating sausages.

For those that are into science and exploration, the COSI Columbus Science Centre offers interactive science exhibits and planetarium. There are several museums and art walk to see, like the Columbus Museum of Art. The Museum has several exhibits of American and European paintings with the highlight being classics by Chagall and Monet. There is also a sculpture garden.

The city also has a well-known large zoo and aquarium which is very popular for young families, whose frontman Jungle Jack Hanna made famous with his many appearances on late-night talk shows. Main attractions are Western Lowland gorillas, Kenyan and Tanzanian giraffes, and Burmese pythons. The zoo also has an underground chamber to allow visitors to see how polar bears swim. There is also the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens which offers unique wildlife walks and the chance to observe the flora of the area.

The city of Columbus also has a lively nightlife and offers attractions of food, music, and all the fun that a resident or tourist would want. There is a happening food scene as well. There are good restaurant and kitchenettes that have a great variety of food. There is a variety of cuisines ranging from staple Southern fare to haute cuisine. Columbus is known as the “Fast Food Capital of the World” because several major players in the fast-food industry were founded and are still based here.

History of Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is the capital of Ohio. It is currently the most populous city in Ohio. Initially, the history of Columbus OH dates back to the year 1797 when the first settlement was erected by Lucas Sullivant west of Scioto. Columbus was not the state capital. Due to its location and access to good transport routes and channels (primary rivers), the legislature chose Columbus as the state capital over Worthington, Dublin, Delaware, and Franklinton. Columbus was then laid in 1812 after this decision. In 1816, Columbus was later made the capital.

City slots were put up for sale. This made Columbus grow significantly within a short period. A penitentiary was built by 1813 and in 1814 a school, a newspaper, and the first church were established. The statehouse was also built during this time as well. Columbus grew rapidly by 1815 and in 1824 it became the county seat. Columbus was already elevated to city status by 1834 with an estimated population of four thousand inhabitants. In 1834, John Brooks was elected as the first mayor.

Due to its proximity to major transportation routes, Columbus rapidly grew economically despite suffering as a result of the 1819 panic. An eleven-mile canal connecting Columbus and the Ohio Erie canal was later erected in September 1831. Columbus was also connected to Cumberland, Maryland by the National Road which was later extended to Illinois. Columbus served as a prison for the confederate soldiers during the civil war. Conditions worsened during the war and before the confederacy surrender in 1865, Fort Chase had about 10,000 prisoners and 2,000 men died that time.

Army camps were erected everywhere even in the statehouse grounds as young men came for training. Camp Chase was the largest one but also there were the Columbus barracks which was situated where Ft Hayes is today. The penitentiary also housed soldiers in training.

A great number of inhabitants left Columbus. This made it difficult to reside in Columbus. The residents were affected by diseases and poverty. Some people stayed and once again the living standards started improving. The rail network built during the war enhanced the connection between Columbus and the rest of the world. Telegraph lines that connected Columbus to other areas were also erected.

The Grand Army of the Republic(GAR) was later created to advocate for rights and the welfare of veterans. GAR met in 1888 in Columbus with over 250,000 veterans visiting. By that time Columbus had about 80,000 inhabitants. To curb traffic an overpass on North High Street was constructed. Natural gas Arches lit the city and were embraced after the veterans left. Columbus then became the Arch city. In the 1900s the arched lights were replaced by globed street lamps as they were expensive to maintain. They were later re-introduced by the Short North in the early 2000s and have since become a reminder of the old era.

As the capital, private and public schools were built and Columbus became a social activities and learning center. Columbus also housed two universities – Capital and the Ohio State Universities. Industrialization kicked off and in the mid-1900s, Columbus had over 200 factories. Despite this growth, Columbus was not the largest city in Ohio.

Columbus grew and prospered in the 20th century. In 2010, the city had the largest population in Ohio. It has also experienced territorial growth over the years as it annexed land in the 19th century.


The capital city Columbus, Ohio has ended up being a standout amongst the most prominent cities in all of America. As it would happen, many of your most loved VIPs from actors, musicians, and even Olympians are from Columbus. These are some of the famous people from Columbus, Ohio;

Granville Tailer Woods (Inventor Of The Multiplex Telegraph)

Granville T. Woods was not only an innovator who had chipped away at trains and cable cars; he is additionally notable to be conceivably the principal African-American creators and designers after the Civil War. His most noteworthy achievement may be the Multiplex Telegram that empowered prepare stations to speak with moving trains. Being one of the acclaimed individuals from Columbus, he is today perceived for all his splendid work and its effect on the security of railroad travel. This made him one of the famous people from Columbus, Ohio

Simone Biles (Gymnast)

Displaying Columbus’ outstanding relationship with games and occasions on a worldwide stage is Simon Biles, an acclaimed acrobat who has done numerous commendable accomplishments. She has won an aggregate of 14 decorations for her extraordinary workout on the front in numerous World Championships over the globe. Starting at now, she is a recognized individual from the Olympics Gymnastics Team. For every one of the admirers of games, she is one of the well-known individuals from Columbus.

R. L Stine (Author of ‘Goosebumps’ Series)

A standout amongst the most top rated creators ever likewise ends up being one of the acclaimed individuals from Columbus. Called by numerous as the ‘Stephen King of youngsters’ writing’, Robert Lawrence Stine has been one of the pioneers of youthful repulsiveness fiction with his establishment of ‘Goosebumps’ books, which have been uncontrollably prevalent with adolescents. He has taken a shot at other spine chiller arrangement and also on well-known joke books for all ages.

Alana De La Garza (Actress)

A considerable measure of TV and film performing artists can be called too known and celebrated individuals from Columbus. In any case, Alana De La Garza merits my specify in view of her immaculate excellence and strong acting qualifications. Her mark part is that of Connie Rubirosa in the smash-hit arrangement ‘Law and Order’ and she kept on playing it amazingly in the spin-offs too. She is additionally something of a normal shocker in each occasion celebrity central. She has masted the expertise of getting eyeballs with limousines, her ageless magnificence, and sensible style.

Philip Michael Thomas (Actor)

Sometime before Jamie Foxx played Ricardo Tubbs in Michael Mann’s ‘Miami Vice’, Philip Michael Thomas had effectively played him in the popular television series back in the 1980’s. Conveying further his accreditations for urban parts has been his work as the voice for Lance Vance in the acclaimed recreations ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories’. Other than that, he has assumed significant parts in movies and commercials.

Annual Events in Columbus Ohio

Columbus is the state capital and most populated city in Ohio. With its central location in the heart of the American Midwest, it still remains an open-minded environment of unique culture, institutions, and entertainment, and has a large amount of diversity in its economy. With a lower cost of living than many of the other metros in America, the entire region can boast a high standard of liveability and a rapidly growing number of opportunities for employment.It is also one of the fastest-growing major metropolitan areas in the country, with a strong focus on defense and aviation, education, health care, medical research and technology, and is the location of the Battelle Memorial Institute, the world’s largest private development foundation and research for applied science. Because of this, it is an attractive location to many of the more creative and intelligent minds around the world, matched by its nationally acclaimed arts scene and a vibrancy nourished by its youthful workforce and its above-average principles of education. Primarily due to its cultural diversification, there are numerous annual events in Columbus Ohio. During the Summer months, there are festivals held every weekend and in Winter, light displays set the city aglow. However, perhaps the most popular of these is the Ohio State Fair.

It is easily one of the largest state fairs in the United States of America and is held during later July through to early August, contributing approximately $68 million dollars every year to Ohio’s economy. First held in 1850, it covers more than 100 acres of gorgeous land beside the Columbus railroad at the Ohio Expo Center and State Fairgrounds and contains over 240 shopping vendors. Running for twelve full days, there are new headliners each night and musical performers host a series of concerts, with free entertainment held regularly at each of the outdoor stages before the big shows. Also, despite its massive size, there is a shuttle bus service that provides transport around the perimeter of the grounds and to the carpark facilities, making getting around easy.

There is also the Arnold Sports Festival. Named after Arnold Schwarzenegger and established in 1989, it is an annual multi-sporting event that consists of professional bodybuilding, known as the Arnold Classic, strongman athletics, called the Arnold Strongman Classic, fitness, figure and bikini international tournaments. A remunerative sporting competitive, the ASF provides a large number of prizes to its champions, one of the most prominent being a $130 000 check, an Ademars Piguet watch and a brand new Hummer vehicle as first prizes in the bodybuilding event. There is also the all-star cheerleading event, which spans a two-day period, and consists of an average of over four thousand competitors. Each team of around fifteen to thirty cheerleaders perform a routine and are scored by a judging panel, with each judge being an expert in one particular field of the sport, such as jumping, stunting, and many more.

Other annual events in Columbus Ohio include the Rock on the Range music festival, Columbus Asian Festival, Creekside Blues and Jazz, and the Red, White and BOOM! show on the Independence Day weekend. It also hosts its own Oktoberfest, Country Living Fair and Fashion Week, where the best local designers display their new works on the runway.

With its central location, diverse culture and unique economy, Columbus is a city unlike any other. Whether you are touring the states or simply looking for a new place to live and settle down, this is a place that should easily be at the top of the list.



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