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Spring HVAC maintenance chores

Don’t Forget These Other Spring Household Maintenance Chores in Buckeye Lake

Spring cleaning is a time-honored American tradition, but there are other tasks that are important to properly maintain your Buckeye Lake home. To keep your home in peak condition, these tasks should be part of your spring home tune-up ritual.

These HVAC tips alone should help ensure your family is comfortable throughout the entire cooling season in Ohio. Our other tips will ensure the investment in your home is protected. Most only take a few short minutes, so let’s get going!

Furnace Filters We recommend replacing furnace filters at least every couple of months, more often if you live in a dusty environment, have had any construction or renovation done lately, have pets, and especially if one or more of your family members has breathing issues (like allergies or asthma). While the fiberglass filters you can buy on the cheap at the local grocery or department store are “affordable” it’s rare for them to be effective for more than a month. Choose a filter that is just the right amount of filtering for your home, determined by its MERV rating. A clogged filter can prevent proper airflow in your HVAC system, causing the equipment to wear out prematurely.

Clear the Drain Most AC systems have a drain on the base of the cabinet, underneath the evaporator fins. It’s important to keep this hole clear of debris for the air conditioner to function properly. Use a paper clip or wire to poke through the hole and clear it. Springtime is as good as any time to perform this job.

Dehumidifier Cleaning To keep a dehumidifier working optimally, you should remove it’s housing to let it dry thoroughly, and vacuum every crevice and surface that you can.

Bathroom Fans The fans in your bathroom tend to collect a lot of dust, dirt and lint. Many fan covers only have a plastic grille, and no filter. Pop the cover down, unclip it from the ceiling, and wash it in warm soapy water with a brush. You should also vacuum out the fan housing to ensure any leftover dust is removed. For safety, be sure to shut the breaker off at the electrical panel.

Toilet Flappers This can be a big money saver on your water bill! This is the rubber piece at the bottom of the toilet tank, that pops up when you flush the toilet. It allows the water to flow into the bowl and force everything down the drain. Flappers are an inexpensive item to replace, and now’s a good time to take care of it.

Faucet Handles Most of our homes in the central Ohio area have hard water, causing buildup of mineral deposits under the faucet handles. This can lead to an eventual leak, as well as decay of the metal handles. Remove the faucet handles and clean with white vinegar, rinse, and scrub with baking soda to help remove stains. If you have a leak, this would be a good time to replace cartridges or washers in those handle.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors We recommend changing the batteries on these devices twice a year, usually on the daylight savings time/standard time switch over. If you neglected that chore, now would be a good time to ensure it’s taken care of.

Fire Extinguisher Be sure you have fully charged and current fire extinguishers, ideally one on each level. They expire over time.

Doors and Windows Check the caulking and rubber seals around your home’s doors and windows, and re-caulk or replace as necessary. Properly sealed entryways and windows ensure they keep out heat and humidity in the summer, and cold air drafts in the winter. And they could save money on your utility bills year-round.

Window and Door Movement Do all your windows and doors open and close smoothly? On the windows, clean the channels and lightly lubricate them. On the doors, use a dry lock lubricant on the knobs and strikers, as well as the hinges.

Clear and Clean Window and Storm Door Screens Kerosene is a great cleaner for window screens. Remove them from the windows or doors, rub them with kerosene on both sides, then rinse with soap and water.

Fix Screen Holes Small holes in window or door screens can be plugged with a small dab of household cement. Screens can be made of different materials, including metal, plastic or fiberglass. If unsure, test the cement on a scrap to ensure it won’t melt the material.

Clean Gutters and Clear Downspouts Remove any leaf or twig debris from your gutters and check for damage from ice, and tighten any loose spikes. Then run water with a garden hose to into the gutters to ensure the water flows into your downspouts and out to the street or storm sewers. Be sure the gutters slope toward the downspouts. If you find a leak, a little spot of roof cement or sealant can stop it.

Foundation Check Check to ensure water is flowing away from the foundation of your home. If it’s not, work existing soil or add new soil to get a downward slope to allow water to drain away, to prevent flooding and foundation erosion.

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