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Is Your Heat Pump Operating at Max Effectiveness

In order to enjoy the comfort of a warm house, it is essential to ensure that your heat pump operates at optimum efficiency. Thus, it is always prudent to regularly check your heat pump and ensure that everything is running smoothly, as well as utilizing a trusted furnace repair service to conduct regular maintenance and inspections.

Before calling a repair technician to look at the furnace, there are various signs to look for that will let you know if the furnace is not operating at its best. Below are the main signs indicating that your heat pump needs the touch of a professional furnace repair service.

High gas and electric bills

When using a heat pump, any unexplained spike in your electric and gas bills often indicates that the heat pump has fallen short of its optimum efficiency. The increase in electricity or gas consumption usually means that the furnace is consuming more resources to provide adequate heating to your home. The problem may revolve around a lack of proper maintenance or a mechanical fault of the heat pump.

In either situation, you are encouraged to consult a reputable Heating and Air Conditioning Company to conduct maintenance or repairs before the bills spike even higher, or the furnace develops a more severe issue.

Weird noises

Like any other home appliance, when your heat pump starts producing rattling, banging, popping and squealing noises, the situation should not be dismissed. In most cases the issue lies with the blower; however, it could also be other essential parts causing the problem, and if left unattended, it could lead to the complete breakdown or severe damage to the furnace.

The moment you detect strange noises resonating from your heat pump, schedule a checkup with a furnace repair service you trust to have a look at the cause of the sounds.

Yellow flames

For a gas operated heat pump, it is essential to understand that the flame should always be blue. If the fire changes to yellow, then the furnace has an issue. There are various reasons why the flame could turn yellow, including the presence of soot streaks, leaking water or rusty fuel pipes, etc. The primary concern with a yellow glow is that it signifies the presence of carbon monoxide gas.

If the carbon monoxide gas gets produced in large amounts and gets distributed inside the house, it could lead to suffocation or even death. As soon as you notice a continuous yellow flame, call your furnace repair service provider immediately and request them to have a look at it. Additionally, you may want to have a technician install a carbon monoxide detector in case you forget to check the flames.

Continuous adjusting of thermostat

If you keep regulating your thermostat to get a comfortable temperature, then your heat pump unit needs a date with a furnace repair service technician. The thermostat controls when the heat should get turned on, and to what extent depending on the settings you apply. If your home or individual rooms/areas in the house are either hotter or colder than the rest, then the heat pump has an air flow/distribution problem that needs to get attended to.

If the issue is not the result of a clogged air filter, then you will need to call a furnace repair company to sort out the problem for you.

Wear and tear

Sometimes minor wear and tear gets neglected and as a result, leads to the diminished effectiveness of the heat pump. Irrespective of how minute they are, wear and tear can cause disruptions in air flow, and if left unattended to for extended periods of time they can result in overheating or even damage to the heat pump. It is advisable to have a qualified HVAC service provider regularly look for any wear and tear on your unit to determine if repairs are necessary.

Remember, numerous factors affect the efficiency of a heat pump. Thus, scheduling routine maintenance checks by a reliable furnace repair service company is advised to guarantee the continued efficiency and longevity of your heat pump.

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