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Replacement Air Conditioning Installation

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When the time comes to replace the current air conditioning system in your Columbus, Ohio home, count on the service professionals at Dor-Mar Heating & Air Conditioning to complete your air conditioning installation correctly and affordably. To schedule an appointment, call today or use our convenient online request form.

Dependable Air Conditioning Installers

When our Ohio summer days send the mercury skyrocketing, having a dependable air conditioning system cooling your whole home is a necessity. The cool indoor comfort can provide a respite from the oppressive heat outside and make it easier to sleep at night.

Improved Energy Efficiency & Saving

As your old A/C system deteriorates with age, it must work much harder to cool the air inside your home. This means it is necessary for it to consume more energy to deliver the desired temperature. When you consider this and the significant difference in the energy efficiency of current air conditioning systems and those manufactured only 15 or 20 years ago, it’s easy to see how switching to a new, state-of-the-art system will represent substantial savings on your energy bills.

Experience You Can Trust

You may not be entirely sure if your current HVAC system really needs to be replaced or if a repair might just be sufficient. You can rely on the experts from Dor-Mar Heating & Air Conditioning to give you the whole truth. We won’t suggest you buy a new air conditioning system if a less expensive repair will return your old one to good reliable order. If it is indeed time to replace your A/C system, we will also provide you with all the information you need to choose the model that will best meet your needs.

Installing a new air conditioning system is not a job for a weekend warrior. The installation must be completed in accordance with local and state building codes and following the manufacturer’s specifications in order to protect your warranty. The job demands a licensed and trained professional like the ones at Dor-Mar Heating & Air Conditioning.

Regular Maintenance of Your New Air Conditioning System

Once your new A/C system has been professionally installed, it should provide you with years of worry-free cool comfort. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend commencing your annual service and maintenance appointments the year following its installation in order to keep your system working as efficiently as possible and to prolong its service life.

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HVAC customer service in Newark, Ohio | Dor-Mar Heating & Air Conditioning

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HVAC customer service in Newark, Ohio | Dor-Mar Heating & Air Conditioning


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