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Clothes Washer Repair
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Clothes Dryer Repair
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Your clothes dryer is a wonderful appliance. It saves you time and work. But, you’re your dryer is not working properly or even stops, you need a clothes dryer repair service right away. We can provide professional local clothes dryer repair services the same day that you call for help. If your dryer is not getting clothes as dry as it used to, is making noises, or if your electric bill has gone up, you need help. You say that you need clothes dryer repair near me but how do you choose the right clothes dryer near me services?

Repairs and Maintenance for Electric and Gas Clothes Dryers

In your clothes dryer a drum called a tumbler rotates, circulates hot air, and causes moisture to evaporate from your wet clothes. The humid air exits the dry and your home through a vent system while dry air enters the dryer to help with the process of drying your clothes. When any part of this system breaks down your clothes dryer does not function properly. When this happens you need local dryer repair. Call us and we will send a certified technician to fix the problem.

Electric Clothes Dryer Repair

An electric clothes dryer is less expensive than a gas clothes dryer, cheaper to install, and only needs to vent steam making the venting system less complex than with a gas dryer. We repair all major brands of electric clothes dryers.

Gas Clothes Dryer Repair

Clothes dryers that run on propane or natural gas are more expensive than electric models. But, they are cheaper to operate over the long term. Their vent systems are more complex than with electric clothes dryers. When your gas clothes dryer is not working properly, our certified technicians will fix it on the first service visit.

Problems Requiring Local Dryer Repair

When your dryer stops running check to make certain it is plugged in and that the circuit breaker is on. If these are not the problems then call us for help. You have a terminal block that is damaged, a start switch that is broken, or a faulty thermostat. We can fix any of these issues the same day that you call for help.

When your dryer is not getting hot you have a bad fuse, the thermostat is faulty, the heating coils are damaged, or your temperature switch is not working properly. Call us and get is this fixed on a single service call.

When the dryer drum does not spin you typically have a broken belt but it can also be your idler pulley, motor, or roller that is damaged. We fix this problem on all major

And, if your clothes are simply not getting dry you may need moisture sensor repair. We can do this on a single service call.

While we routinely service these major brands, we can fix others as well. If you are having a problem with your gas or electric clothes dryer give us a call.

Appliance Brands We Service

This is only a partial list of appliance brands we service. If in doubt, give us a call or use our Questions link above.

Amana Appliances
BOSCH Appliances
Frigidaire Appliances
GE Appliances
Hotpoint Appliances
Kenmore Appliances
Kitchenaid Appliances
LG Appliances
Maytag Appliances
Speed Queen Appliances
Whirlpool Appliances

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