Safe use of a space heater

Space Heater Safety Tips

If you keep your home heating equipment maintained, chances are  you’ll never need a space heater. Sometimes, they can be a great addition to your home’s furnace, to save energy, or if heating just isn’t keeping up with the cold temperatures.

See the chart below for a quick overview of our space heater safety tips. These tips were collected from a number of sources around the web. Use these tips to keep your family safe and comfortable in case you need to use one.

  • Do not leave a space heater unattended while it’s running.
  • Place your space heater on a level surface where pets and children cannot reach it.
  • Keep your space heater at least 3 feet away from materials that can easily catch fire, such a curtains, bed covering and furniture.
  • Manage your cords to eliminate a tripping hazard.
  • Never use an electric space heater near water, in damp conditions, or if you are wet.
  • Always plug an electric space heater directly into the wall. Try to avoid an extension cord, unless it’s 14-guage wire or heaver, and check the cord for excess heat (that could indicate it’s not rated for use with a heavy duty electric appliance).

What to Do and What NOT to do with your Space Heater

Practice these space heater safety tips to keep your family comfortable and safe.

Things You SHOULD Do with your space heater.Things You SHOULDN’T Do with your Space Heater
Adhere to the 3-foot rule. Avoid putting the heater closer than 3 feet from any combustible materials like beds, curtains, sofas, clothing, paper or a flammable liquid.Crowd the Unit. Don’t put anything flammable around the front, sides or rear of the heater.
Cord Hygiene. Be sure the heater’s power cord isn’t damaged or frayed. Also check to be sure it isn’t excessively warm during operation.Don’t Use Extension Cords. Never use an extension cord or power strip, unless it’s properly rated (14/3 gauge or larger). The shorter the safer. Disconnect it if the cord or plug begins to get how.
Check the Plug. Ensure the heater is securely plugged into the wall power outlet so it can’t come loose or fall out.Hot to Touch. Don’t use the heater if the power cord or the wall plug gets hot. Call an electrician to inspect the heater, or replace it with a new unit.
Stability is Important. Place your heater only on a level and stable surface, where there’s no risk of knocking it over.Not on Tables. Do not sit the heater on top of a chair, table or any other surface that isn’t stable or that is flammable.
Certification. Check your space heater for certification by a registered third party, like UL Labs. You should see a logo and certification on the label or back of the unit.Stay Away from Water. Do not use or operate an electric space heater near water, or if you’re wet. You could get electrocuted and die.
Working Smoke Detectors. Be sure your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working and have a strong battery.No Cords Under Rugs. Never run the power cord from your heater underneath carpets, rugs or furniture to reduce fire risk.
Don’t Leave It On. Make sure your space heater is OFF when you leave the room, you can’t keep an eye on it, and especially when you go to sleep.Size Matters. Don’t use a space heater designed for a larger area than where you’re using it.
Learning Experience. Show your family, especially children, how to properly operate and be safe around the heater.Keep Watch. Don’t allow children to operate or go near the space heater without proper training and adult supervision.
Only the Right Fuel. If your space heater requires kerosene or other combustible fuel, be sure to fill it with the right kind. NEVER use gasoline or other substitute anything other than exactly what the manufacturer recommends.Ventilate. Don’t use fuel-burning space heaters inside your home, unless specifically rated for indoor use by the manufacturer. Even if it is rated, be sure the area is properly ventilated to prevent asphyxiation.

How We Can Help

If you’re resorting to using a space heater frequently, perhaps it’s time to call a professional to check out your heating system?

Our team offers a wide array of routine maintenance and emergency services for your heating and cooling system, allowing your family to breathe fresh, safe, clean air and be comfortable year-round. We also offer a number of add-ons to your HVAC equipment that can improve your home’s IAQ, such as electrostatic air filters, whole-house humidifiers, duct cleaning, and more. We can help you make sound choices for your next heating and cooling system.

Schedule an appointment for HVAC system review with us today by using our online contact form, or call one of our seven neighborhood offices listed below. We pride ourselves on our customer-focused service, and our reviews show it.

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