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Top Reasons to Have Scheduled Maintenance for Your HVAC System

HVAC systems are essential to the comfort of interior spaces, whether industrial, commercial or residential. They provide a solution to extreme weather conditions such as cold weather during winter and scorching heat during summer by facilitating the regulations of indoor temperature. Due to the nature of their function, and constant use, it is essential to schedule regular maintenance checks for your heating and cooling system by a trusted repair company to ensure the durability and efficient use of the system.

Below are the main benefits you get to enjoy with a routine maintenance plan from Dor-Mar.

A stitch in time saves nine

By contracting a certified HVAC company to conduct regular maintenance on your HVAC system, you can prevent minor issues from becoming severe. Various problems could arise as a result of poor or lack of maintenance and lead to extensive damage or costly expenses for the system.

For instance, outdoor condenser coils require regular checking for damage or dirt. If damaged, they need to get replaced promptly before they cause additional damage to other parts of the HVAC. Additionally, if the coils do not get drained regularly, it will result in water leakage which is almost guaranteed to damage the compressor, and thus you will incur additional repair costs.

Maintaining optimum efficiency

To enjoy a vehicle’s optimum performance, you need to have it serviced regularly. Similarly, for HVAC systems to continue working correctly, various items require getting attended to on a scheduled basis. For instance, air filters tend to get clogged with dirt and this results in reduced efficiency of the HVAC unit. The screens also require getting replaced at least once in every 6-8 weeks for them to function correctly and for the system to have improved air flow.

With property owners often busy with their daily routines it can be quite difficult for them to keep in mind minor issues such as cleaning and replacing air filters. However, by using the services of a HVAC services company you trust, your system will always run at optimum efficiency because the company will handle even such minor tasks.

Saving money on energy bills

Perhaps this is one of the more critical reasons to have scheduled maintenance for your HVAC unit. It can be quite discouraging when you realize that you are incurring astronomical energy costs because of something entirely preventable such as poorly lubricated HVAC motor and blower bearings. Believe it or not, lubricated bearings consume less energy to run the system because of reducing friction, and therefore requires less energy to spin.

Another example of excess energy consumption involves clogged piping, filters, pans, and traps. As long as there is clogging, the system will utilize more energy in a bid to push the conditioned air through the obstructed areas, thus resulting in high electric and gas bills.

A trusted Heating and Cooling Company is well aware of such issues, and therefore they are always on the lookout for any clogging in the system to ensure that your system conserves energy, thereby reducing your energy costs.

Ensured longevity of the HVAC system

By having scheduled HVAC maintenance that caters to all the repairs, cleaning and replacing of worn out parts in a timely fashion, the HVAC is bound to always operate at its best. As a result, every individual component will handle its function precisely, and the entire system will continue to work efficiently as intended without any hindrance from dirt, wear and tear or damage.

In short, the HVAC will not incur any significant problem and thus it’s life will get extended as you will not require to replace the system as long as the one you have works seamlessly.

Hiring a proven HVAC repair company for scheduled maintenance not only ensures the excellent condition of your HVAC, but they can also advise you on the best repair and replacement parts to utilize and how to minimize energy consumption.

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