Top Tips for Purchasing a New Furnace in Columbus 2

Top Tips for Purchasing a New Furnace in Columbus

Let’s start with the basics: a furnace is the appliance permanently installed in your home used for heating the entire home. Most homes in the Columbus area have a central heating device, installed in a basement, crawlspace, or attic, whose job is to heat air and distribute it throughout the house, ultimately making the structure more comfortable for the humans (and pets) inhabiting it.

Alternate heating options include room heaters, or space heaters, a small electrical or kerosene device used to heat an enclosed space; a stove, typically a large appliance where wood or other combustible fuel is burned to generate heat; or a fireplace or hearth, a structure made of brick, stone or metal designed to contain a fire. These alternatives are usually meant to complement a central heating system, not replace it. Many homeowners opt for a wood burning stove or fireplace to add ambiance or room warmth, but it’s rare to see one used as the primary heating source today.

If your old furnace is failing, needs expensive repairs, or isn’t particularly efficient, consider these tips before buying a replacement heating system.

First: Size of Your Home

The size, or square footage, of your home will ultimately dictate the size of the furnace needed. If the heating equipment is too small for the structure, it will have to run excessively to perform its function of keeping your family warm. On the other hand, installing a furnace that’s too large will certainly be a waste of money, as they are typically more expensive. Either extreme can increase energy costs.

Any qualified HVAC contractor (including Dor-Mar) will perform a load calculation to help determine the optimum furnace size for your home. Many heating service companies may simply match the size of the existing equipment that’s already installed in your home. Keep in mind that some home builders, especially those who build in large tract home neighborhoods, don’t always select the best heating equipment for new construction. They will frequently install second-rate, low efficiency heating systems that are “just good enough” to get by when the home is built. We suggest doing a little research before deciding on a replacement, as the one that was initially installed with the house may not be the proper size.

Next: Energy Efficiency of the New Furnace

Should you install a “normal” efficiency furnace (80%) or high-efficiency heating system? High-efficiency (95% and higher) furnaces tend to be more expensive when compared to normal efficiency. The payoff comes with the money saved on heating bills over the long term.

The colder climate that we have in the Columbus/central Ohio area requires the heater to run for extended periods of time, so often, investing in a high-efficiency furnace is optimal.

If you’re planning to move in the next few years, you may not be in the home long enough to recover the cost in energy savings. We can calculate the additional savings of a high-efficiency heating system vs. a normal efficiency to determine if it’s worth your while to upgrade.

Finally: Cost is the Ultimate Factor

Once you’ve determined the size furnace you’ll need, and the efficiency you prefer, we can provide you with an accurate cost for the replacement heater. Keep in mind you must have a licensed HVAC contractor install your new furnace to validate the warranty. We bundle our new equipment and installation into a single price so you can compare the final cost.

Having a new furnace installed can help you lower utility bills and keep your family warm during Ohio’s extreme cold weather. Finding a replacement furnace need not be difficult – simply contact Dor-Mar using the convenient contact form or call one of our seven locations to schedule a free estimate.

How We Can Help

Dor-Mar has expertise in helping you determine the ideal replacement furnace for your home. Our team offers a wide array of routine maintenance services for your heating and cooling system, allowing your family to breathe fresh, safe, clean air year-round. We also offer a number of add-ons to your HVAC equipment that can improve your home’s IAQ, such as electrostatic air filters, whole-house humidifiers, duct cleaning, and more… and Smart Thermostats!

Schedule an appointment for your free replacement furnace estimate with us today by using our online contact form, or call one of our seven neighborhood offices listed below. We pride ourselves on our customer-focused service, and our reviews show it.

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