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Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Summer in central Ohio can get pretty hot and muggy. Make sure to get your air conditioning system serviced before temperatures in the Columbus, Ohio area climb above 90° Fahrenheit (like they do each summer). If you want to get the best cooling for the least use of electricity, the U.S. Department of Energy suggests setting your thermostat at 78 degrees when you are home. But, what are some other ways to lower your air conditioning costs this summer? Here are a few tips.

Open the Windows for the Breeze… or Close Up the House and Turn on the AC?

If you are going to run your air conditioning to cool your home, be careful about leaving door or windows open as you will be constantly letting cool air out and hot muggy air into your home. And, if you will be out of your home for an extended time, either turn off the air conditioning or set it at a relatively high thermostat level to conserve energy.

If you installer a newer WiFi remote thermostat, you can control temperature with a mobile phone app, and turn the temperature back down before you arrive home. New smart thermostats can also be timed to turn on the AC an hour or two before you walk back in the door!

Run Your Clothes Dryer in Night

Your clothes dryer can generate a significant amount of heat. We recommend you not run it during the day when your AC unit is working overtime to cool your home on a 95 degree day! Run the dryer at night when the temperature is lower, and the power grid is demanding less electricity. Consider air drying as well, instead of cranking up the air conditioning.

Cooking Outside in the Summer

Summer barbeques and other cookouts are always fun in the summer; and, they are a great way to stop heating up your kitchen on a hot summer day! If you are going to prepare food in the kitchen, limit the menu to salads, lemonade, and cold cuts to save on AC energy consumption.

Insulation Is Not Just for a Cold Central Ohio Winter

Along with servicing your HVAC system every spring, take a look at your windows to make sure they are not letting in cold air in the winter, and/or leaking precious AC-cooled air in the summer. Double pane, insulated windows not only save on winter heating bills but also save on summer cooling bills. If your windows are fogged with moisture between the panes, they are leaking and it’s time to replace them.

Take Advantage of Your Window Coverings

Closing your shades or blinds when the sun is streaming in on a hot day is an excellent way to lower your air conditioning costs. Removing the sun from the indoor equation will keep the heat load inside your home lower, allowing the AC to work a little less hard.

Cover Your Air Conditioner with Shade

You can keep your outdoor AC unit from working extra hard on a hot, sunny summer day in central Ohio by strategically planting shrubbery or building a structure over the unit. Just be sure you keep at least 2-3 feet away from the AC condenser to allow for proper air circulation.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Not all maintenance of your air conditioning system requires a service call. You should routinely change your filters every month in the hot summer months and as often as every three months for the rest of the year. Clean filters reduce the work your AC system has to do and cut your cooling costs. When your Columbus, Ohio HVAC service does maintenance, they will also check the air ducts for dirt and obstructions or even bacteria or mold.

Next time you have service performed, consider having a smart thermostat installed while our team is on-site. A smart thermostat gives you the ability to schedule temperature changes, control your home’s temperature remotely, and save on energy costs.

Attention to a few details and routine service of your AC system in central Ohio will help lower your air conditioning costs this, and every, summer.

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