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When should we have spring AC maintenance done?

When Should I Schedule Maintenance for My Home’s AC System?

Planning season cooling system maintenance will ensure you maximize your time, your energy dollars, and the life and safety of your AC unit. The big question: WHEN is the best time to schedule your air conditioner maintenance?

Many local residents in the Newark area might think it’s a bit self-serving for an HVAC Contractor to recommend routine maintenance. For that reason, people often neglect to schedule service for their air conditioning equipment, instead choosing to call then their AC fails in the heat of summer.

While it actually IS self-serving to recommend routine maintenance, it’s not for the reasons you may think. Our goal is to offer the best HVAC service possible in Newark, and to do that we want to ensure your home’s AC equipment is running at peak efficiency. By getting routine maintenance performed, you’ll ensure your family’s comfort during the hottest days of the summer.So, don’t delay maintenance on your home’s Air Conditioning equipment just because it “worked fine” last season.

Like maintenance for your car, routine service on your HVAC equipment is very important. As trusted Newark Ohio HVAC specialists, we believe we have the responsibility to tell you why regular maintenance is so important, and when you should schedule it. Of course, when you are ready, we will be waiting to serve you.

What is AC Maintenance?

Most heating and cooling contractors offer routine maintenance on your HVAC system, but the level of service and the tasks performed may differ wildly. Our HVAC technicians must perform a thorough check of your system using a detailed checklist, and make any adjustments necessary. This level of routine service goes beyond the simple tasks you, as a homeowner, should be performing on your own from time to time… like changing your furnace filters or clearing organic material away from your outdoor unit.

During a spring AC maintenance appointment, our certified professionals might have to make some adjustments that help improve the performance and efficiency of your system. We might also find parts beginning to fail, or even find major issues with your HVAC system, at which time we’ll recommend you repair or replace that component or parts.

When, Exactly, Should You Have Your AC Serviced?

It’s funny, but the best time to perform routine maintenance on your air conditioner is before you actually need the system. For air conditioners, that’s in the early spring before the temperatures reach 80 degrees consistently in the Newark area.

Another factor that’s important is that we are less busy when the temperatures are moderate. When it’s warm on a regular basis, we’ll be out performing repairs for homeowners who failed to have their maintenance done! When your AC system is under persistent load for a sustained time period, it’s more likely to fail… so we recommend you get it checked before it has a chance to fail.

Our routine maintenance programs schedule three checks per year: in the spring, we perform pre-season air conditioner checks outs; in the fall, we schedule furnace safety checks and tune-ups; and during winter, we offer a complimentary water heater flush service. Find out more about our Scheduled Maintenance Agreements here.

Ensure Your Family’s Comfort and Safety

As we said earlier, one of the most important reasons to plan your AC maintenance in the early Spring each year is for your family’s comfort. Each season, climate control systems age and their performance slowly decays, until replacing parts or performing a repair is just not worth the cost. At that point, it’s worth considering a replacement unit. We’ve found that 12-15 years is the maximum you can expect your HVAC equipment to last.

Another, and possibly more important factor, is that routine maintenance keeps your family safe (particularly with gas-fired heating systems). A cracked heat exchanger can release deadly carbon monoxide gas into your home, or an electrical fault can potentially cause a fire. With routine maintenance from an HVAC professional, the risks are reduced greatly.


In continuous operation since 1962, our expertise goes beyond just the mechanicals of your HVAC system. We’re pretty handy when it comes to ductwork and system-wide maintenance as well. For top-notch service keeping your home’s heating and cooling system running efficiently and your family breathing clean, filtered air, contact Dor-Mar today.

Our team offers a wide array of routine maintenance and emergency services for your heating and cooling system, allowing your family to breathe fresh, safe, clean air and be comfortable year-round. We also offer a number of add-ons to your HVAC equipment that can improve your home’s Indoor Air Quality, such as electrostatic air filters, whole-house humidifiers, duct cleaning, Ultraviolet-C lighting systems, and more.

Schedule an appointment for HVAC system troubleshooting or maintenance with us today by using our online contact form, or call one of our seven neighborhood offices listed below. We pride ourselves on our customer-focused service, and our reviews show it.

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