Should You Repair or Replace Your HVAC System in Columbus Ohio?

Repair or Replace Your HVAC System? A Guide to Help You Decide

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems come in handy to create a comfortable indoor environment. When it’s hot, they cool us, and when it’s cold, they warm us. Also, they clean the air coming inside to make sure we breathe clean. However, HVAC systems are mechanical, which means that they’re susceptible to damage over time. To repair or replace my HVAC unit? This is a question that troubles many homeowners. While a repair may seem easy and less-costly, it may not be the wisest choice.

On the other hand, a replacement may not be a favorable choice because it’s expensive. Which option should you choose? Let’s look at factors to help you decide.

Factors to Help You Decide Whether to Repair or Replace Your HVAC Unit

The age of your HVAC unit

Depending on the type and other factors such as maintenance, the life expectancy of an HVAC system is around 15-25 years. If your system has started experiencing issues and it’s nearing its lifespan, the wisest decision in this case is a replacement. If you repair it, you’ll be doing zero work because it may fail completely in a short period. But if your system isn’t old (typically less than 10 years), then a repair may be suitable to save on costs.

The cost of repairing vs. the cost of replacing

Another factor to help you decide the right option is comparing the costs. Repair costs are affected by the level of damage. If the unit is extensively damaged and will require more than 50% of the replacement costs, then the best option is replacing it altogether. You will have a new system that is more efficient and will serve you better. However, if the costs are less than 50% of the replacement costs, then these are low, and a repair may be a suitable option.

The frequency of repairs

Your unit may have experienced an issue three months ago, and you called an HVAC expert to repair it. The HVAC professional came, rectified the issue, and your unit went back to working condition. However, after two weeks, the unit experienced another issue and you had to call a repair professional. He repaired that other one, but from that time, you’ve called him several other times to solve many other problems affecting your unit. Now that is a sign indicating that you need to replace. Frequent breakdowns will not only end up costing more than a replacement in the long run, but they’re also a nuisance. A replacement may be the best option to solve all these problems at once.

But if your appliance doesn’t break down as often, and only requires one or two less-costly repairs in a year, repairing is the best option to save on costs.

Potential energy savings with a new appliance

If you have been using an older appliance, it may be costing you lots of money in terms of utility bills. It may not be damaged; the issue may be its outdated technology. This outdated tech may be forcing your unit to consume more energy, which leads to a spike in your energy bills. The best option is replacing it. If you continue using it for several years, a sum of these additional costs may be enough to buy you a new unit. Don’t let an outdated unit continue draining your pocket; replace it with a new one. These new ones come with smart features and better efficiency to help you save on utility bills.

Your unit is making strange sounds

When turning on your air conditioning system, it may produce a normal click sound and follow it up with normal blowing sounds. If your AC starts making other sounds apart from these, then it may have an issue. Screeching sounds indicate issues with belts, and these only need minor repairs. Similarly, if it’s producing clanking sounds, one part may have become loose and needs to be replaced. But if you hear loud rattling sounds, it can mean that the air conditioning compressor is failing, and a whole unit replacement is necessary.

Tax incentives and utility rebates

Do you have an inefficient HVAC unit? Good news: By replacing your current inefficient unit with a highly-efficient unit, you may be eligible for both local and state tax credits. These credits can save you as much as 30% of the costs. Additionally, many local utility companies offer rebates to people who upgrade to systems with better efficiency. By taking advantage of these tax incentives and utility rebakes, you’ll get a new appliance at reduced costs and enjoy significant energy savings every month.

When is the Best Time to Replace Your HVAC Unit?

If you’ve decided that your HVAC system needs a replacement, then you need to do it at the right time. The best time is when temperatures are moderate; it’s neither too hot nor too cold. If you wait for the hot or cold season to start, your current unit may fail and force you to deal with harsh extreme temperatures. And since most HVAC contractors are usually busy during these times, you may have to wait for a few weeks before an installation team comes your way. But if you choose to replace during the off-season, you’ll be in time for the summer or winter temperatures, have your system installed quicker, and even enjoy reduced installation rates.

Both Repairs and Replacement are the Work of Professionals

Whether you need repair or replacement HVAC work, it’s always recommended that you hire a professional HVAC contractor. While repairs may seem simple, they may be costly in the long run if not done properly. If an HVAC unit such as the furnace is not installed correctly, it may leak carbon monoxide, which a deadly substance. Rather than risk all these, hire an expert to do it. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to do the work quickly and effectively.

If you’ve been wondering whether to repair or replace your HVAC unit, I hope the information in this article will help you decide. If you can’t make the decision yourself, hire Dor-Mar Heating & Air Conditioning and we’ll send a trained technician to conduct an in-depth inspection. Since every situation is unique, this technician will determine what exactly is ailing your HVAC system and recommend the best course of action. If a replacement furnace or AC system installation seems the best course, we recommend a high-quality Rheem system.

Contact Dor-Mar today to schedule an appointment for service. Or, if you’re unsure whether or not it’s time to replace your home’s HVAC system, schedule a visit for a free on-site estimate. We’ll take some measurements and give you a written estimate with our best recommendations. Join the thousands of customers since 1962 who trust us with their family’s heating and cooling needs. We’re one of the fastest-growing and highest-rated heating and cooling companies in central Ohio.

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