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HVAC Routine Maintenance Agreements
HVAC Maintenance

Just like your car, or like any other complex mechanical system, your home's heating and cooling equipment requires routine maintenance. Check how you can SAVE and protect your investment!

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Heating System Replacement

Has your old system given up the ghost? Spending a small fortune every month on energy bills? Perhaps it's time to invest in a new high-efficiency Rheem air furnace for your home.

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Air Conditioning Replacement

If your home's air conditioner isn't keeping up with the extreme temperatures outside, and isn't providing the comfort your family deserves, look at our options for replacing your existing AC system.

hot water tank installation
Water Heaters

If your hot water isn't actually HOT anymore, or if you have an old leaky hot water tank, it's time to upgrade!

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Heating Systems Service & Repair

Heat isn't really a luxury in Ohio's winters, especially if you have small children or elderly parents. Get more information on our same day heating services.

radon gas detection and mitigation
Air Conditioning Service & Repair

This is your best bet when your AC isn't performing as well as it should… or at all! Find out how our air conditioning repair services can restore your family's comfort… often on the same day.

Heat pump repair, replacement, installation
Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are an efficient, energy-saving method to heat and cool your home. Find out more about our Heat Pumps.

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Thermostat have come a LONG way in the past few years. Control your temp remotely, schedule temp changes, communicate through smart devices, and much more.

air cleaner, indoor air quality
Air Cleaners

Filter and clean your home's air with these incredible indoor air quality systems available.

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Rheem heating and cooling products
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$25 Furnace Tune Up & Safety Check
You will NEVER see prices this low again. But you must call TODAY to schedule an appointment within the next week, during our regular business hours 8am to 5pm. Call (740) 345-6639 to speak with one of our customer service team.

Why Tune Up Your Furnace NOW?

Keep your furnace running at peak performance for the rest of the winter with a Furnace Tune-Up & Safety Check! We know this winter has been mild, and that many people have skipped getting their furnace serviced properly.

  • Keeps Your Family Safe and Comfortable
  • Reduces Energy Bills with Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Extends the Life of Your Heating Equipment