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Home Appliance Maintenance & Repair Services

washer-repair in central ohio
Clothes Washer Repair
clothes dryer repair in Central Ohio
Clothes Dryer Repair
Central ohio clothes dryer vent cleaning service
Dryer Vent Cleaning
dishwasher repair in central ohio
Dishwasher Repair
central ohio refrigerator repair
Refrigerator Repair
central ohio oven and range repair
Oven + Range Repair

Dor-Mar offers a number of appliance repair services; see the links above for the complete selection. Each maintenance has a cost associated with an individual service call. Now, for a limited time, we are offering a complete annual major appliance maintenance program at one low price. Extend the life of your home appliances and save with this new service!

ServiceService Call $
Refrigerator Maintenance$135.00
Range/Oven Maintenance$125.00
Clothes Washer Maintenance$125.00
Clothes Dryer Maintenance$130.00
Dryer Vent Cleaning$150.00

Appliance Maintenance Package (AMP)

Combined, all services would cost you $665 per year.
Our combination discount introductory price is currently $399 (could change at any time).

Refrigerator Maintenance

$ 135 per visit
  • Clean the Coils
  • Check Gaskets (clean or replace if needed)
  • Check temperature level
  • Check refrigerator for level
  • Check lights for proper function
  • Change any filters (add'l cost)

Range/Oven Maintenance

$ 125 per visit
  • Inspect gas line (if gas)
  • Ohm out elements (20-115) under or over needs replaced
  • Clean racks, door and bottom
  • Inspect door gaskets & lights
  • Pull oven out to clean behind and beneath
  • Change any filters (add'l cost)
  • Clean your oven regularly (always unplug when cleaning)

Clothes Washer Maintenance

$ 125 per visit
  • Inspect water supply hoses for dry rot or cracks
  • Clean the interior and dispensers
  • Wipe down the drum,door and gaskets
  • Inspect all seals and gaskets
  • Check washer for level
  • Inspect any and all lights
  • Be sure drain is clear and hooked back properly

Clothes Dryer Maintenance

$ 130 per visit
  • Clean the exhaust vent annually
  • Inspect the outside vent cap
  • Deep clean lint screen
  • Clean the drum
  • Check all gaskets and seals
  • Inspect any and all lights
  • This cleaning can also prevent dryers from overheating / possibly catching fire
  • Feature

Dryer Vent Cleaning

$ 150 per visit
  • Clean vent with specialized rotating brush and vacuum lint from vent
  • Recommended annually: improves dryer efficiency and reduces a dryer fire hazard

Appliance Brands We Service

This is only a partial list of appliance brands we service. If in doubt, give us a call or use our Questions link above.

Appliance Maintenance Package 1
Amana Appliances
Appliance Maintenance Package 2
BOSCH Appliances
Appliance Maintenance Package 3
Frigidaire Appliances
Appliance Maintenance Package 4
GE Appliances
Appliance Maintenance Package 5
Hotpoint Appliances
Appliance Maintenance Package 6
Kenmore Appliances
Appliance Maintenance Package 7
Kitchenaid Appliances
Appliance Maintenance Package 8
LG Appliances
Appliance Maintenance Package 9
Maytag Appliances
Appliance Maintenance Package 10
Speed Queen Appliances
Appliance Maintenance Package 11
Whirlpool Appliances

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